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PayPal feature integration - getin2china - 03-22-2013


I'm interesting in making a website similar to I understand that your CRC software is customizable so it can be integrated to almost any website. Now my question is, since I'm not a programmer nor website builder. Do you guys offering a service were you can apply some modifications and help with website development?

I'd like to have a paypal option to charge people some fees for using premium features of the site such as Search: gender, age, location etc. and also during speed dating. Can you help with that????


Yuri K.

RE: PayPal feature integration - Govido - 04-03-2013

Hello, I saw some PayPal integrations, in fact it is not complicated at all. About a year ago there was a post on this forum on how to integrate PayPal but I am unable to find it. As of your question regarding customization, please use this forum: Flex/Flash developer needed