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Red5 vs Cirrus (Stratus)
01-29-2011, 11:53 AM,
Red5 vs Cirrus (Stratus)
*this is not a comparison between the two Flash Media Servers (Red5 and Adobe Cirrus formerly known as Stratus) and it is not applicable to any other software but RVC 5.x (CRC 2.8+, 3.x, 4.x, RVC 4.x, 5.x) and prior versions!

Red5 versus the free Adobe FMS Cirrus (Stratus)

Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) pros:
  • RTMFP (Real Time Media Flow Protocol) means the connection is p2p (peer-to-peer) and your bandwidth usage stays at a minimal level
  • no headache to install and maintain your own Flash Media Server ( Install Red5 on cPanel )
  • no (or minimal) problems at connecting users, more stable
  • free (read terms at
Adobe Cirrus (Stratus) cons:
  • while synchronizing with the locally hosted database, there is a delay that may cause never finalized connections. The RVC script has different settings to keep this number on a minimal level. If you play around a little bit with the default settings (connection related settings in config.php), you can achieve fairly stable and fast connecting time (lower numbers usually mean faster connection but may cause higher server load, the defaults are for shared hosting with low resource usage).
  • some restrictions may apply (read terms of use at
  • slower connections between users and some lost connections (this is not the Cirrus server but the synchronization in RVC, the Adobe Cirrus service works excellent!)

Red5 pros:
  • RVC is connecting people faster, much faster! (the reason: both RTMP and MySQL are locally hosted, the sync is instant)
  • you get more users with a considerably faster and more enjoyable service
  • free
Red5 cons:
  • the Red5 server will go down on a daily basis until you fine tune and configure it properly. This may take weeks but worth it...
  • the Red5 server will go down even after properly configured (sometimes), you will need a running service to test if the RTMP is accepting connections and alert you when it does not.
  • you will need bandwidth, a lot


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