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RVCS not connecting on server using cPanel
02-25-2014, 06:13 AM,
RVCS not connecting on server using cPanel
Hello everyone,

I had the same problem (look topic) with a server running Plesk: everything was installed completely fine, but no connection was made to other chat partners -> Searching did not start, button jumping back to "Stop" quickly.

Since then we moved to simple GoDaddy Linux hosting which worked fine. Now I booked another Linux hosting package at GoDaddy and they now add cPanel to their hosting (you have to book it with cPanel, no way out). What might look like a plus, now completely ruins the chat software. Again RVCS is not connecting and before anybody tells the same story ;-) :

- Yes, all file rights are set correctly, the "/files/"-folder and the two file inside are correctly created and data is written to them.
- Yes, everything else is set up correctly (URL, key), I did quite some installs of RVCS right now and know how to get it working - if the server let's me!!

There is just no connection made. You press "Start", the button get's dark but the text "Searching" is not coming up and after a few seconde it's going back to "Stop". No connection! Bummer!

I asked the same question in this forum a couple of years ago, back then using a Plesk configurable system having exactly the same problems.

Please, tell me that there is a solution to this NOW. Rolleyes This error exists for years now, nothing happened at all, no update for RVCS. I read a lot of entries in this board where people had similar or same problems. There must be a solution: either a change in the RVCS software or a hint what has to be done with the server/hosting to get it running. Many people said, that RVC is working and RVCS is not. So, what's the difference between those two programs?

Please help me, it drives me really crazy! ;-)

Thanks a lot in advance and greetings,

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