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Installing Govido (RVC 4+)
08-15-2010, 03:50 AM, (This post was last modified: 03-02-2011, 12:46 PM by RVC Video Chat.)
Installing Govido (RVC 4+)
Follow us on Twitter, it is the place we announce new releases and hot-fixes:
If you have any questions, problems, ideas for development or discussion about CRC, please post them to the respective category in this forum:
New releases will appear at the Chatroulette Download Center 24-72 hours after release date

Uploading the source files (contents of, the .fxp file or its contents) to your server and making them accessible is a violation of our license (please read details) and we are acting as described in the license file. Only files located in should be uploaded to the web-server, the contents of the .fxp file are the uncompiled source codes for advanced users/programmers only!

INSTALLATION of Govido (CRC 4.1+)
Adobe Flash Builder not needed
  • Read the "READ BEFORE START" section above, it is important!
  • Unzip (you've already done this)
  • Unzip
  • Upload the files located in to your server
  • Get an Adobe Stratus key (
  • Create two MySQL databases (a single database is enough if only Stratus or Red5 is used, not both)
  • Edit and configure: /jabbercam/config.php
  • Run
  • Optionally, run
  • Rename vertical.html (or horizontal html) to index.html
  • Access and Enjoy!

  • Databases: create TWO databases, one for Red5 and one for Stratus. You may create only a single database if you don't plan to use Red5 (you can create it any time). Edit jabbercam/config.php and fill in the database details.
  • Server Type: this setting will tell the software the type of media server. Stratus or Red5, default is Stratus.
  • Red5 Connect URL: the Red5 rtmp (Real Time Messaging Protocol). You should get this from your Red5 hosting provider. The default resource is provided by us on 'as is' basis (no uptime guarantee). B1 and B2 are backup server URLs in case you have more than one Red5 resource. If the first server is down, the software will connect to the backup servers in this order.
  • Web Service URL: the EXACT location of functions.php, including http:// www.
  • Developer Key: Adobe Stratus Developer Key:
  • Minimum connected time: This setting allows you to set a minimum time, users must stay connected. Default=3 sec
  • Speed Chat and Speed Date connected time settings: these settings are controlling the speed dating and speed chatting features by setting the connected time (length of one session) and minimum connected time.
  • Filter settings: various settings for different filters. Labels and timers.
  • Custom filter settings: these two filters are completely customizable, both labels and values ( ).
  • Login screen: this setting enables or disables the log-in screen. If disabled, user name is not required before start.
  • Mandatory camera: if this option is set to false, web camera is not mandatory any more (people can chat without having a camera).

make a copy of /jabbercam/language/lang_en.xml and rename it to the language you wish to use ex. lang_be.xml than make the corresponding changes in /jabbercam/config.php


Run on a regular basis ex. daily (create a cron job)
Quote:/usr/local/bin/php -q /home/[username]/public_html/jabbercam/admin.php?task=cleanAllOlder
/usr/bin/wget -q -O /dev/null http://www.[yourdomain].com/jabbercam/admin.php?task=cleanAllOlder
*cPanel Servers. The [username] you'll find it on the left side of main cPanel: Home Directory /home/[username]

  • make sure you edit /jabbercam/config.php and be aware of the functions.php location (include http:// www. ....)
  • make sure, you created the databases for the program and run /jabbercam/admin.php?task=install
  • make sure you edit the source code correctly. If you changed the JabberCam.mxml file figure out where did you mess it up. Read the error messages.
  • you need to have basic php xml and programming knowledge to install and you need a pro to modify the code!
  • regularly clear your database using (create a daily cron job).


Please post your questions to our forum:

  • follow the instructions for regular installation (above).
  • unzip
  • import n.n.fxp (ex. 4.1.fxp, not nor into Adobe Flash Builder.
    *if the import gives you errors, unzip the project archive and import it as a project folder
  • make your changes (read the FAQ:
  • save and export a release build (File>>Export>>Release Build ... >>chose your FOLDER and press Finish)
    *you need to make two exports to build both horizontal and vertical layouts, two different .swf files will be created, everything else can be overwritten.
  • the project should be be exported to the /bin-release folder but you may choose different path
  • upload the newly created .swf files (JabberCam_v.swf and JabberCam_h.swf) to your web-server (overwrite the existing ones).
  • Enjoy!

ENABLING Red5 (Switching to own Flash Media Server)
Change $SERVER_TYPE to Red5 ($SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus') in config.php (Note: you are using our resources, if your connection will be limited or filtered, you will not be notified! No uptime guarantee!)

* Red5 support is not included, in order to use Red5, you must be familiar with the description below and you must have a hosting service ready to host Red5 applications (Red5 hosting or you must install Red5 on your Server/VPS). Ask help from your web-host administrator with creating the rtmp link (adding ChatrouletteApp to Red5)
  • Download the MySQL jdbc driver from (mysql-connector-java-x.x.x-bin) and place it under /ChatrouletteApp/WEB-INF/lib/ or red5/lib directory on your server.
  • edit /ChatrouletteApp/WEB-INF/ and fill in your database details
  • deploy the app (/Red5_serverapp/deploy_app/ChatrouletteApp) to your webapp folder and restart Red5
  • edit /jabbercam/config.php and insert your RTMP link ($RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://localhost/ChatrouletteApp'Wink
    - Change $SERVER_TYPE to Red5 ($SERVER_TYPE = 'Red5'; // 'Red5' | 'Stratus')
* read our description and forum about installing Red5 and common issues, troubleshooting:
* please DO NOT contact us with Red5 support requests! If Red5 is configured properly, you don't need anything else, but the above. Installing Red5 (and understanding the configuration) might be difficult, please consult with your web hosting support.
09-19-2010, 05:16 PM,
Installing JabberCam problem !
i was traing to install the script. i went over all yout instlation points from

but when i try to connect to the site it stuks when i type the name.

i ran a test here:

and you can see it say"Red5 OFF"
this is the relavent part of my config file:
// Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5)
$SERVER_TYPE = 'Stratus'; // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'

if($SERVER_TYPE == 'Red5') {

// Red5
$RED5_CONNECT_URL = 'rtmp://'; // leave this
free, temporary resource or use your own
$RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT = 30; // minutes

// Stratus
$DEVELOPER_KEY = "936ca57abff91d550b8f22ac-fd141db8dd8d"; // your Adobe
Stratus developer key obtained from Adobe (read INSTALL.txt)

i will be happy to send the full CONFIG file.

i was reading a lot in your site and didn't found anything, please help me.

09-23-2010, 06:20 AM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (CRC 4+)
$WEB_SERVICE_URL was missing or miss configured.
10-13-2010, 05:47 AM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (CRC 4+)
i'm trying to install this script in other server and i'm doing everything like the first time...
but it's not showing nothing...
this is the link:
PHP Code: 

and this is my config:
PHP Code:

 * You may want to edit /jabbercam/language/lang_??.xml too

// Database configuration for Red5, used to install database tables (for Red5 database configuration read INSTALL.txt)
$RED5_DB_HOST "localhost";        //database host (server)
$RED5_DB_USER "agans_user";            //database username
$RED5_DB_PASSWORD "1234567qw";    //database password
$RED5_DB_DATABASE "agans_pelechat1";    //database name

// Database configuration for Stratus
$DB_HOST "localhost";                //database host (server)
$DB_USER "agans_user";                //database username
$DB_PASSWORD "1234567qw";        //database password
$DB_DATABASE "agans_pelechat2";        //database name

// Back-en location (exact location of functions.php on your domain |[folder]/jabbercam/functions.php
$WEB_SERVICE_URL "";    //

// Flash media server settings (rtmfp or rtmp | values: Stratus or Red5)
$SERVER_TYPE 'Stratus';                // 'Red5 or 'Stratus'

if($SERVER_TYPE == 'Red5') {

// Red5
$RED5_CONNECT_URL 'rtmp://';    // leave this free, temporary resource or use your own
$RED5_CONNECT_MAIN_TIMEOUT 30;                                // minutes

// Stratus
$DEVELOPER_KEY "936ca57abff91d550b8f22ac-fd141db8dd8d";                            // your Adobe Stratus developer key obtained from Adobe (read INSTALL.txt)

// Login process settings (turn on/off mandatory username and camera | values: true or false)
$LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE true;        // 'true' or 'false'
$CAMERA_REQUIRED false;            // 'true' or 'false'

// User connection timing and user filtering
$MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME 1;    // the minimum time in seconds, two users must stay connected before they can press NEXT (global)
$TIME_TO_LIVE 50;             // set the delay, seconds (close the session if the server doesn't receive a response for XX seconds)

$FILTER_TIMEOUT 15;            // set the filter button, minutes (do not connect to filtered user for XX minutes)
$BAN_TIMEOUT 45;                // set the report button, minutes (ban reported user for XX minutes)
$NUM_REPORTS_TO_BAN 5;        // set the report button (number of reports needed for a user to be banned)

// SpeedChat and SpeedDate connection timing settings 
$SPEEDCHAT_CONNECTED_TIME 5;            // the default time for speedchat (if not set different by the client, using the Flash slider)
$SPEEDCHAT_MIMIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME 3;    // the minimum time a user must stay connected before he can disconnect when using SpeedChat
$SPEEDDATE_CONNECTED_TIME 30;            // the default time for speeddate (if not set different by the client, using the Flash slider)
$SPEEDDATE_MINIMUM_CONNECTED_TIME 10;    // the minimum time a user must stay connected before he can disconnect when using SpeedDate

// Maintenance settings
$REMOVE_SESSIONS_OLDER_THAN '180';    // set the amount of time, minutes, sessions to be cleared by the ?task=cleanAllOlder function

// Feature and filter settings
$LANGUAGES = array("en"=>"English""es"=>"Spanish""cn"=>"Chinese""de"=>"German""it"=>"Italian""fr"=>"French""tr"=>"Turkish""cz"=>"Czech""ro"=>"Romanian""hu"=>"Hungarian");
$AD_FOLDER './media/video/blankscreen/'// set the directory where video ads (.swf videos) are placed

$AUTONEXT_VALUES = array("man"=>0"5"=>5"10"=>10"30"=>30"1min"=>60);
$AGEFILTER_VALUES = array("Off""16-25""26-40""41+");
$LANG_FILTERS = array("en"=>"English""es"=>"Spanish""cn"=>"Chinese""ru"=>"Russian""de"=>"German""it"=>"Italian""fr"=>"French""th"=>"Thai""tr"=>"Turkish""cz"=>"Czech""bg"=>"Bulgarian""ro"=>"Romanian""hu"=>"Hungarian");

$CUSTOM_FILTER_1_ENABLE true;            // 'true' or 'false'
$CUSTOM_FILTER_1_LABEL "Location";    // any label (text)
$CUSTOM_FILTER_1 = array("paris"=>"Paris""london"=>"London""sanghai"=>"Sanghai""rome"=>"Rome""moscow"=>"Moscow""tokyo"=>"Tokyo""anyother"=>"Any Other"); // option list (text)

$CUSTOM_FILTER_2_ENABLE true;            // 'true' or 'false'
$CUSTOM_FILTER_2_LABEL "Looking for";    // any label (text) 
$CUSTOM_FILTER_2 = array("dating"=>"Dating""friends"=>"Make Friends""look"=>"Just Look""talk"=>"Just Talk");  // option list (text)


if(isset($_GET['setts'])) {
header('Content-type: text/xml');
'<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?><settings><serverType>'.$SERVER_TYPE.'</serverType>';
$SERVER_TYPE != 'Red5') {
    } else {
    foreach (
$LANGUAGES as $code=>$lang) {
$LANG_FILTERS as $code=>$lang) {
$AGEFILTER_VALUES as $filter) {
$AUTONEXT_VALUES as $label=>$value) {
is_dir($AD_FOLDER) === TRUE) {
$dir opendir($AD_FOLDER);
$dir) {
$filename readdir($dir)) != FALSE) {
is_file($AD_FOLDER.$filename) && preg_match('/^.+\.(?:jpg|png|gif|jpeg|swf)$/'$filename))
'<customFilter1 label="'.$CUSTOM_FILTER_1_LABEL.'">';
$CUSTOM_FILTER_1 as $key=>$value) {
'<customFilter2 label="'.$CUSTOM_FILTER_2_LABEL.'">';
$CUSTOM_FILTER_2 as $key=>$value) {

what is the problem please ?

in this thred we found a problem in the script and you wrote you will fix this ASAP... how are things going ?

10-13-2010, 07:44 AM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (CRC 4+)
i think the problem is in my index file... but i uploaded the same files like in here and that is working :

i think that my index file is not pulling the SWF file....
can you please take a look ?
PHP Code: 
10-13-2010, 09:25 AM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (CRC 4+)
i have managed to fix this... but now the script dosn't log in and only thinking after the user is typing his name

and you can see that the red 5 is off

i need to choose red5 or Stratus ?
what is the difference ?
01-07-2012, 12:52 PM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (RVC 4+)
Hi, I'm having the same problem with installation. Everything with the installation works well except it gets stuck on entering a name as well.

I checked my $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; but I couldn't figure out the problem.

I would really appreciate any help with this.

01-10-2012, 12:30 PM,
RE: Installing JabberCam (RVC 4+)
(01-07-2012, 12:52 PM)rhinojazz Wrote:  Hi, I'm having the same problem with installation. Everything with the installation works well except it gets stuck on entering a name as well.

I checked my $WEB_SERVICE_URL = ""; but I couldn't figure out the problem.

I would really appreciate any help with this.


turn off the login ($LOGIN_SCREEN_ENABLE = false) to see any error messages that may appear
I love video chat!
05-03-2012, 02:03 AM,
Where is this file?
I cannot find the location of this:
05-03-2012, 08:17 AM,
RE: Installing Govido (RVC 4+)
It should be in your purchased package, assuming you have the RVC package.

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